Merry Christmas from Dosch!

Christmas, Christmas Tree

We, at Dosch, wish all our customers and suppliers a Merry Christmas.

In order to celebrate the holiday season our gates remain closed from 23.12.18 to 01.01.2018.
We will process all mails that reach us during this time as soon as possible at the beginning of the new year.

Since we are not available during this time, we take this moment to also wish you a Happy New Year.

SIL 2 now available for EARL Type 107


Our EARL flow switches of type 107 have already been in the field for more than 40 years.

In the light of ever increasing safety requirements, EARL flow switches of type 107 recently were tested and evaluated according to EN ISO 61508.

All devices passed the tests without failure. Therefore, we are now able to provide the appropriate manufacturer’s certificate for the use of these flow switches in SIL 2 systems.
Our EARL flow switches type 107

60 years Membership: Honor by VME

Dosch honored by VME

Dosch Messapparate GmbH has been a member of the “Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie in Berlin und Brandenburg” (Association of the Metal and Electrical Industries in Berlin and Brandenburg, short VME) for 60 years and therefore ranks among the oldest members of the association. At this year’s meeting of members Dosch was honored for this anniversary.

The VME is the largest employers association of the region Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany and represents the interests of about 140 companies with more than 110.000 employees working in the metal and electrical industries.

We are thankful for this honor and look into our common future with great optimism. You can find more information (in German) in the new brochure and on the website of the VME.

History of Dosch

Flow Meter History

What you probably did not know about us yet: The company Dosch Messapparate GmbH was founded in 1933! As a long-established family-run company, Dosch has always been able to recognize upcoming changes in the business world and to adapt accordingly. This flexibility is a major reason for our success until today.

If you want to learn more about our company history, we gladly invite you to check our new section History!
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New Product Groups

Manometer with Headphones

First, we wish you a happy new year! We are looking forward to future projects with you!

Our new year starts with an update of the website. We are happy to present to you new (old) products which had to wait a little longer for a proper presentation online:

Cone Meters

Last year, the standard ISO 5167 was updated with a new part 5 which covers the so-called cone meters. As a member of the ISO 5167 committee, we provided vital input for the publication of the new version. Of course, we can offer you cone meters for your individual process conditions.

Go to our Cone Meters

Wedge Meters

At Dosch and in various industries, wedge meters are already known and appreciated as DP flow elements. In the near future, wedge meters will finally be standardized in part 6 of the ISO 5167. With our knowledge and experience we can already provide you with wedge meters for difficult flow measurement applications.

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Pitot Tubes

Alongside DP flow elements according to ISO 5167, pitot tubes may sometimes be favourable for flow measurement. They also generate a differential pressure which is proportional to the flow. Due to their special design, pitot tubes offer different advantages over typical DP flow elements, which is why they are a perfect complement for the flow measurement portfolio.

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… and more!

In addition to the above updates, we also added new accessories: If you need a temperature compensation for your flow measurement, we recommend using our Thermowells.

Your Dosch Team

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