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First, we wish you a happy new year! We are looking forward to future projects with you!

Our new year starts with an update of the website. We are happy to present to you new (old) products which had to wait a little longer for a proper presentation online:

Cone Meters

Last year, the standard ISO 5167 was updated with a new part 5 which covers the so-called cone meters. As a member of the ISO 5167 committee, we provided vital input for the publication of the new version. Of course, we can offer you cone meters for your individual process conditions.

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Wedge Meters

At Dosch and in various industries, wedge meters are already known and appreciated as DP flow elements. In the near future, wedge meters will finally be standardized in part 6 of the ISO 5167. With our knowledge and experience we can already provide you with wedge meters for difficult flow measurement applications.

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Pitot Tubes

Alongside DP flow elements according to ISO 5167, pitot tubes may sometimes be favourable for flow measurement. They also generate a differential pressure which is proportional to the flow. Due to their special design, pitot tubes offer different advantages over typical DP flow elements, which is why they are a perfect complement for the flow measurement portfolio.

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… and more!

In addition to the above updates, we also added new accessories: If you need a temperature compensation for your flow measurement, we recommend using our Thermowells.

Your Dosch Team

Burst Test: The Big Bang!

before the burst test

Recently we had the chance again to perform a so-called burst test. For this test a pipe sample is closed at the ends, filled with water and then subjected to a very high pressure. Depending on the design of the pipe wall thickness the test may end with a big bang!

This time our test sample was a special kind of pipe. We tested the patented ip tubes of the company La Mont GmbH. These pipes are used especially for heat exchangers. Due to the special surface structure they offer an increased heat transfer while achieving the same material stability as smooth-bore tubes.

after the burst test

This material stability was successfully proven by our burst test. At ca. 500 bar – as calculated beforehand – the tube gave in with a bang. The resulting crack was located between the welding seam and the structured surface area.

If you need a qualified business partner for your burst test: We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Dosch Team

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