DP Flow Elements

Differential pressure flow elements can be manufcatured for all kinds of requirements. We created an overview of the different DP flow elements and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Orifice Plates
with Flange Taps

Orifice Flanges with Orifice Plate

DP flow with orifice plates and orifice flanges.

Orifice Plates
with Integral Taps

Orifice Plate with Taps compact

Orifice plates also including pressure taps.

Meter Runs with
Flow Elements

Meter Run with Flanges

Flow elements including inlet and outlet pipe length.


Weld-in Nozzle open

For small pressure loss and installation length.


Venturi Tube

For minimum pressure loss and maximum flow.


Restriction Orifice Plate

Defined pressure loss by a restriction orifice.

Cone Meters

Cone Meter 3D

Cone meters for short inlet straight lengths.

Wedge Meters

Wedge Meter 3D

Wedge meters for fluids with solid particles.

Pitot Tubes


Low pressure losses and easy installation.


Condense Pot

Condense vessels, thermowells, valves etc.

Comparison of DP Flow Elements

Depending on the requirements of the meausurement, different DP flow elements may be more suitable for a particular case. These parameters are crucial for identifying the correct element type:

  • Measuring uncertainty
  • Maximum pressure loss acceptable
  • Maximum installation length
  • Process conditions
  • Costs

The following table shows the characteristics of each flow element type based on above paramters:

Measuring uncertaintyPressure lossInlet/outlet lengthCosts
Orifice Plateslowhighlonglow
Meter Runslowhigh(*)medium
Venturi Tubeshighlowshorthigh

(*) mostly included with a meter run

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