Condense Pot

Condensate Pots

Condensate pots are used in steam applications to achieve a constant condensate level within the pressure taps. If there are any fluctuations which lead to a change in condensate levels the condensate pots help to either reduce the level by backflow of excess liquids or increase the level by additional condensation of liquid.

Condensate pots are manufactured according to DIN 19211 by welding two hemispherical heads and adding two pressure taps at an angle of 90°. Based on the process conditions, we can offer carbon steel, stainless steel or high-temperature steel such as 13CrMo45 und 10CrMo910.



Thermowells are used for a safe installation of temperature sensors into pipes. They prevent the sensor to get in physical contact with the process fluid and are therefore recommended for aggressive fluids and for high dynamical stress which could harm the temperature sensor. Additionally, thermowells offer an easy way to remove the sensor during operation for maintenance.

For differential pressure flow elements with attached inlet and outlet pipes, thermowells are often used to measure the operating temperature downstream in the outlet pipe. The design of thermowells can be divided into the type of process connection (flanged, threaded, welded) and into the type of connection that is utilized to mount the temperature sensor into the thermowell (threaded, welded).


3-way Manifold forged

Manifolds are used to close off or purge the pressure taps and to set the zero point of the differential pressure transmitter.

3-way manifolds are able to close off the pressure taps and to set the zero point of the differential pressure transmitter (gas and liquid applications).

5-way manifolds have two additional valves for purging the lines (recommended for steam applications).

We offer all kinds of designs for remote mounting as well as for a integral connection to the transmitter (IEC 61518).

Instrument Valves

Instrument valves are recommended if the differential pressure transmitter is not directly mounted onto the flow element. They allow for maintenance/switching of the transmitter with no process downtime. We offer all kinds of shut-off valve designs and materials for your individual requirements.

E.G. body material forged carbon steel, stainless steel or high-temperature steel. For oxygen service we offer oil and grease free designs.

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