Cone Meters

Cone Meter


Cone meters are used for DP flow measurement of gases, steam and liquids. Due to their special design, they are well suited for applications where the available space for straight inlet piping is limited.


A cone meter according to ISO 5167-5 consists of a pipe section in which a cone is positioned concentrically and which acts as a throttle element. The upstream pressure tap is located at a specific distance to the downstream pressure tap. The downstream pressure tap bore runs from the outside tapping connection through the support strut of the cone to the downstream face of the cone element. Typically cone meters are supplied with end flanges for easy mounting.

Cone Meter 3D

Pressure Taps

Generally, pressure tappings are provided with G 1/2″ or 1/2″ NPT threads. For gases, the taps face upwards and for liquids, they face downwards.

Measuring Uncertainty

The measuring uncertainty amounts to 5% of the discharge coefficient. A calibration can reduce the uncertainty.


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