Meter Runs

Meter Run with Flanges


Meter runs combine a flow element with inlet and outlet piping and thus help in reducing disturbances in the flow measurement of aggressive and non-aggressive gases, steam and liquids. They are mostly used in small pipelines because the influence of disturbances on the measurement is significant with smaller diameters.


We offer a large variety of meter run designs. We welcome the opportunity to support you with finding the perfect design for your application. The meter runs are delivered completely mounted and ready for installation. All meter runs may be offered with flanged ends or weld ends.

Meter Run Design 94D

Our standard design for flow measurement in small pipe diameters. It includes a ring chamber and an orifice plate which can easily replaced. The inlet and outlet pipes form a unit with the ring chambers which results in the lowest disturbance possible.

Meter Run Design 94F

This meter run design makes it possible to mount any flow element type. The pressure taps are located in the respective flow element or are positioned in the inlet and outlet pipe. This design may also be used for larger pipe diameters.

Meter Run Design 94M

This design is based on a meter run with an orifice plate which is mounted between orifice flanges (e.g. according to DIN 19214 or ASME B16.36). Thus we combine the advantages of an orifice plate with the advantages of a meter run. See our orifice plates.

Meter Run Design 96M

Meter run 96M is a special welded flow element design with ring chamber tapping. Welding avoids sealing problems which may arise with high pressures and temperatures.

Pressure Taps

Typical pressure tap designs are as follows:

  • Plain ends for fittings
  • Butt weld ends
  • Threaded ends
  • Flanged ends
  • Compact taps according to IEC 61518

Measuring Uncertainty

The measuring uncertainty depends on the process conditions and amounts to approx. 0,5% – 1,5% of the discharge coefficient.


We can offer instrument valves and/or manifolds for your meter runs with taps. For steam flow measurement we recommend our condensate pots.
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