Averaging Pitot Tubes



Averaging pitot tubes are DP flow elements used for flow measurement of gases, vapors and liquids. In comparison to DP flow elements according to ISO 5167, they offer low pressure losses and flexible installation options.


Averaging pitot tubes work in a similar fashion to ISO 5167 flow elements. The sensor is mounted into the pipe and is divided into two pressure chambers (upstream and downstream), each designed with several pressure bore holes. On the upstream side, the stagnation pressure is measured, wheras on the downstream side there is a negative pressure. The differential pressure between the sides is measured outside of the pipe and is proportional to the square root of the flow rate.

The pressure bore holes distributed along the flow profile lead to an averaged pressure signal. This reduces the requirements for a uniform flow profile, i.e. it reduces the required straight pipe length in front of the pitot tube.

Pressure Taps

Typical pressure tap designs are as follows:

  • Threaded ends
  • Plain ends for fittings
  • Butt weld ends
  • Flange plate for mounting of manifolds

Measuring Uncertainty

The measuring uncertainty amounts to approx. 1% of the measuring signal.

Further Information

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