Restriction Orifices

Restriction Orifice Plate


Restriction orifice plates are a cost-effective component to achieve a defined pressure loss in a process or in blow-out lines. In special cases they can be used to limit the flow. Restrictions are suitable for all single-phase media.


Restriction Orifices may be designed as a single plate with welded-on handle for direct installation between flanges or as a weld-in component. Normally, we offer them with a cylindrical bore hole. In order to achieve a higher durability – especially considering possible cavitation – we offer hardness coatings.

In special cases, the bore hole may not be positioned centric. If you have specific limitations, such as a maximum noise level, we can offer a multihole and/or multistage design.


In addition to the restriction orifice, we can offer the respective flanges, nuts, bolts and gaskets.


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