Wedge Meters

Wedge Meter 3D


Wedge meters are especially well suited for flow measurement of viscous fluids and for liquids containing solid particles. The throttle design results in a much lower wear than for orifice plates.


The wedge meter consists of a pipe section and a V-shaped wedge as a throttle element. The wedge is positioned on one side so that solid particles may easily pass the restricted pipe section. We manufacture the flow element with end flanges for simple and fast mounting on site.

Pressure Taps

Wedge Symbol

The tappings for the differential pressure are positioned in front of and behind the wedge, usually supplied with flanges 2″ (DN 50) or 3″ (DN 80).

The differential pressure is typically measured with a differential pressure transmitter and remote seals.

Measuring Uncertainty

The measuring uncertainty amounts to 5% of the discharge coefficient C. A calibration can reduce the uncertainty.

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