EARL Flow Switches Type 107

EARL Flow Switch Type 107v


The construction of these paddle units has been developed over more than 30 years operational usage. The units control the flow of liquids and gases in either horizontal or vertical pipes DN 15 to DN 5000 with pressure ranges PN 10 to PN 320. It is approved acc. KAT IV PED as saftey related control system.


There are two types of designs:

Type 107 with weighted paddle

When the medium enters in the direction of flow indicated by the arrow it moves the paddle with target disc and weight, against the force of the weight, in the direction of flow. A permanent magnet is situated at the upper end of the lever which operates either one or two switch contacts, these are located adjacent to the system tube. Set point fixed in the range 0.1 to 0.35m/s.

Type 107hv with spring supported paddle

Similar in principle to the 107 above but utilising a spring in place of a weight as the opposing force of the flow. This enables higher set points to be achieved, and by altering the spring tension the adjustment of the set point.


  • Suitable for use with media containing impurities
  • Various explosionproof ratings of models available
  • Various high-temperature design up to 300°C
  • Materials for aggressive media
  • Low pressure loss (Type 107vS)

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