EARL Flow Switches Type 172 173

EARL Flow Switch Type 172


EARL type 172 controls the flow in pipes DN 80 and larger. Tough and unaffected by non-adhesive impurities in the medium these flow switches controls the flow of gases regardless of high operating pressures.


When the medium enters in the direction of flow indicated by the arrow it moves the vane in the direction of flow. A permanent magnet is situated at the vane and operates the switch contact. The set point is not adjustable.


  • The bearing used make the units suitable for use with media containing dust particles
  • Sensitive control for set points from 0.6 m/s
  • Suitable for high pressures up to PN 160
  • Explosionproof models available to several standards
  • For high flow velocities or larger line sizes the units are equipped with a stop for the vane
  • Special models available for temperatures up to 250 °C

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