EARL Flow Switches Type 31d 32d

EARL Flow Switch Type 31d


These rugged and hard wearing float operated units measure and control gases and uncontaminated liquids. The units can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical pipes, DN 15 to DN 150, and are suitable for use with pressure ranges PN 10 to PN 320.


When the medium enters in the direction of flow as indicated by the arrow it displaces the float before escaping through a slot located in a cylindrical sleeve. A magnet attached to and moving with the float, transfers this movement to perform a function according to the type of unit. With the type 31d/32d it operates one or more switch contacts, with the type 31az it operates the magnetic coupling of the indicator.


  • High sensitivity where it is required, e. g. in the lower range
  • Excellent set point repeatability
  • All metal units, suitable for high pressure
  • Explosionproof models available to several standards
  • several high-temperature designs up to 300°C

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