EARL Flow Switches Type 776 778

EARL Flow Switch Type 778a


These units are mostly suitable for applications where vibration is likely to occur and where contaminated media have to be controlled in either horizontal or vertical pipes. The internal nozzle installed enables to control low flow velocities. The flexible sealing bellows protects the unit from metal parts which may be found in the medium when controlling lubricating oil in large gear boxes.

  • EARL Type 776 for DN 15
  • EARL Type 778 for DN 15 – 32


When the medium enters in the direction of flow indicated by the arrow it produces a pressure head inside the chamber situated in front of the nozzle. This moves the diaphragm system into the direction of flow. A bellows sealed lever transfers the movement to operate the switch contact. The flow switch type 776 is available with a fixed set point and the flow switch type 778 is available with either a fixed or an adjustable set point.


  • Units operate in any position
  • Vibration proof construction
  • Units suitable for contaminated media
  • Suitable for set points starting with 0.5 l/min

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