EARL Level Switches Type 82

EARL Level Switch Type 82


The level switch type 82 is mostly suitable to control liquids in pumping stations which are heavily charged by solid matter, like raw sewage etc. The unit is set to the requested level at a freely suspended, highly flexible cable.


The rise or fall of the liquid level changes the position of the level regulator. An absolutely shockproof and ruptureproof micro switch is situated within a dual chamber system and serves to open or close the current circuit thus for example switching on or off a pump or releasing alarm system.


The appropriate drop of the stabilising weight, being mounted eccentrically in the housing, as well as the entirely smooth and non-porous surface and other solid matters are slipping off without influencing the lift of the controller.

The cable entry, sealed mechanically and additionally equipped with a solid strain relief, is completely filled with a synthetic resin compound in a separate chamber, thus avoiding that the humidity can enter the electrical connection area.

The good chemical and thermal characteristics of the absolutely waterproof polypropylene housing as well as the polyurethane cable makes the unit resistant to lees, uric acid, faecal, sewage water, oil, petrol, fruit acid and even to many chemicals. By means of a series connection of an intrinsically safe explosionproof relay, the unit can be used in areas with danger of explosion.

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