EARL Level Switches Type 86

EARL Level Switch Type 86


Designed for constant and long-term maintenance free operation the level switch type 86 is used to control liquid levels in containers. The unit is side mounted by flange to the container.


A float or displacer with strong weight and lift forces is fixed to the lever arm which rotates on the vertical plane. Two columns support the bearing for the lever arm. Either one or two high performance reed contacts are contained within the column and are operated simultaneously via an encapsulated permanent magnet which is fixed to the end of the lever arm. The use of two switch contacts achieves higher safety by redundancy. The wide distance between the rotating lever arm and the fixed columns, the spherical shape of the corresponding parts and the strong weight and lift forces make the unit suitable to be used for liquids containing solid particles such as metal cuttings, metal oxides, welding beads or boiler scale etc.


  • Construction suitable for high safety requirements
  • Suitable for contaminated and aggressive media
  • Model EEx de II CT6 according to ATEX
  • For operating temperatures up to 350 °C and operating pressures up to 320 bar

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