EARL Pressure Switches

These mechanical pressure switches of series EARL type 24x with diaphram or EARL type 188 with bellow are used for the precise control and measurement of pressures in industrial plants and high value machines. They are available for hazardous areas and also for high media temperatures.

Type 188

EARL Pressure Switch Type 188

Control your process pressure.

Type 241 244 246

EARL Pressure Switch Type 246

Control your low process pressures.


The following table displays an overview of the characteristics of our pressure switches:

TypeType 188Type 241Type 244Type 246
Differential Pressure X
Positive PressureX X
Negative Pressure X
0,01-15 MPaX
10Pa-0,25 MPa XXX
Temperature up to 200°C XXXX
PTFE version X

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