EARL Pressure Switches Type 188

EARL Pressure Switch Type 188


The rugged and hardwearing pressure switches series 188 are used to control pressures in the range 0.1 to 15 bar.


The pressure acts upon a spring loaded metal bellows. On reaching the adjusted set point, the bellows operates via a push rod the micro switch. In case of the explosionproof model, a permanent magnet fixed to the bellows acts on the explosionproof sealed contact located adjacent to the rising tube. In case of bellows breakage this model switches to the safe side thus staying sealed. The set point is either fixed or adjustable.


  • Simple construction make the units highly reliable
  • High grade steel model for use with aggressive media or in aggressive environment
  • Models available in sea-water resistant gun metal for use in marine or tropical climates
  • Explosionproof models available to several standards
  • Long-term continuity of spares availability

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