EARL Pressure Switches Type 241 244 246

EARL Pressure Switch Type 246

Low pressure control switches

  • Differential pressure: EARL Type 241
  • Negative pressure: EARL Type 244
  • Positive pressure: EARL Type 246


These spring supported diaphragm units are designed for long term operation and are used for the precise control and measurement of pressures in industrial plant, high value machines and apparatus.

They are capable of controlling and measuring low pressures from 0.1 mbar to 2.5 bar whilst remaining undamaged by high media pressure often experienced with differential pressure.


The movement of the diaphragm is used to operate either a micro switch, explosionproof switch protective gas switch, an inductive switch.

For units with local indicator the movement of the diaphragm is transferred via magnetic coupling directly to the indicator.


  • The units are sensitive and the simple construction makes them highly reliable
  • High static pressures do not damage the unit or affect adjustment
  • Reliable and suitable for long term operation

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