Dosch 1. Generation

The first Generation

Dosch Messapparate GmbH has been a family-run company for three generations. It was founded in 1933 by Adolf Dosch with aquisitions of Metrum Apparatebau. Since the beginning, Dosch has been based in Wiener Straße 10, in the district Kreuzberg of Berlin, Germany. The first products to be sold were pressure gauges.

The Second World War could have ended the business if not for the combined effort of the Dosch family and their employees. The company building was hit by several firebombs which they could barely extinguish. A small part of the building was saved, however a few machines had to be handed over as reparations. The production was continued despite all these hardships.

Dosch 2. Generation

The second Generation

After the war, Reinhold Dosch, as the second generation, officially joined the company and, a few years later, took over the management with his wife Edda. Dosch became the prime supplier of pressure, temperature and flow measuring instruments in the isolated West Berlin.

In 1979, Dosch began the manufacture of differential pressure flow elements. This product range, over time, evolved into the main pillar of the company.

Barbara Dosch - Martin Dosch

The third Generation

In 1988, the third generation, namely Martin and Barbara Dosch, began to modernize the company: In 1997, Dosch got certified according to ISO 9000 for the first time, and in 1999, the first website was published online.

Alongside the modernization, the product range was expanded by mechanical flow, level and pressure switches in 2003. By that aquisition, the well-known brand “EARL” of the former company Laaser lives on.

Sven Dosch - Martin Dosch

The fourth Generation

In 2016, Sven Dosch joined the company as the fourth generation. After his successful Master studies, he is currently rotating between departments and is getting acquainted with the company’s structure and workflows. In the upcoming years, he will make his contribution to the future of the company, tackling the challenges of the digital era.

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