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When do I need a CE label?

The “Conformité Européenne” label, shortened to CE, expresses a product’s conformity with the applicable European Community requirements for the manufacturer. It is required if the goods are to remain within the EU.

Many customers want a CE label even if the devices are used outside of the EU.

We can, of course, make this possible for our devices in the majority of cases.

How long is the service life of our measuring instruments?

We attach great value to the quality of our measuring instruments. Nevertheless, the exact service life of differential pressure measuring instruments and their individual components is always partly dependent on the prevailing process conditions. When handled properly, our components for differential pressure devices, flow switches or pressure gauges are serviceable for at least 10 years. Parts that are sent in for replacement are often unreservedly functional for far longer than 10 years.

What does the warranty for our differential pressure devices include?

The warranty for our differential pressure measurement and flow monitoring products refers to the function and the service life for the duration of the statutory regulations. The warranty can be extended subject to agreement. The proper installation and use of our devices must be ensured.

How do I know what installation length the differential pressure measuring instruments need?

The installation length of our measuring instruments is dependent on the individual device and the size of the pipeline. It must be noted that a straight inlet and outlet section is required in addition to the installation length of the differential pressure measuring instruments. This is longer than the actual installation length and can only be calculated once all parameters and data have been calculated precisely. Feel free to send us a direct inquiry and we will determine how we can help you.

What information do I need for an inquiry?

To enable us to successfully process an initial inquiry concerning your measurement tasks, we require the following information: 1. The pipe dimensions (DN/PN), optimally in the form of DIN or ASME dimensions. 2. The desired material of the pipeline, if known. 3. The medium and the process conditions (pressure/temperature/flow). 4. The objective or the requirement of the measurement. If individual items of information concerning the differential pressure measurement are not available, feel free to make initial assumptions, which we can refine together later on.

How accurate are measuring instruments from Dosch?

Depending on design, differential pressure devices from Dosch have an uncertainty of 0.5 – 5 percent. The uncertainties of the individual designs have been determined by various standardization institutes in large-scale test series. In order to determine their measurement errors, we can calibrate measuring instruments that lie outside of the defined limits of the standards. The uncertainties specified in accordance with the standard can always be verified by means of calibration and also improved in the majority of cases, even for standard-compliant devices. If you have specific uncertainty requirements for your measurement task, we can gladly develop a concept for achieving this together with you.

Which component is the right one for my application?

The components from Dosch are suitable for numerous applications. If you do not yet know which Dosch measuring instrument is appropriate for your individual application, our employees will gladly help you to find the optimum device for your requirements. Feel free to send us an inquiry!

How is the quality of the Dosch devices tested?

Each of our devices meets the highest standards of quality. To verify the quality of our products, you can commission various tests such as PMI tests (Positive Material Identification test), helium leak tests, pressure tests, nondestructive testing, hardness tests, and many more besides, for instance. Of course, we also offer the respective certificates for all of these tests.

Can I obtain ATEX certification for differential pressure devices?

Since Dosch primary devices do not consist of either electronic or moveable mechanical components and do not constitute an ignition source when handled properly, they are not subject to the ATEX regulations and therefore cannot be supplied with an ATEX certificate. If necessary, we can issue a negative ATEX certificate. However, the respective transmitters need an ATEX certificate if the process necessitates this.

What is a primary device?

Pursuant to ISO 5167, all differential pressure devices that are installed directly in the pipeline are termed primary devices. The primary devices also include the corresponding pressure taps. All further measuring instruments that are required to determine the flow, such as the differential pressure devices, for instance, are termed secondary devices.



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