Orifices plates for differential pressure measurements

Ensure permanent and secure plant monitoring through differential pressure measurement or flow measurement with our primary flow element. Whether you aim to control liquid or gaseous media, whether aggressive or non-aggressive, clean or laden with solids, our solutions cater to all.

Opting for orifices plates for differential pressure measurements to measure flows means choosing a cost-efficient solution: Thanks to the enduring and reliable technology successfully utilized for decades, differential pressure devices are often more affordable than other measurement systems. At the same time, they can be applied to nearly all media and process conditions. This flexibility makes our primary flow element a popular choice.

Send us your custom inquiry and see for yourself the reliability of our orifices plates for differential pressure measurements! Tailored specifically for your differential pressure sensors, we develop the perfect transmitters for any field of application.

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Orifices plates for differential pressure measurements by Dosch

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Primary flow element suitable for all Industries

Dosch's orifices plates for differential pressure measurements are suitable for all sectors in plant construction, wherever flows are measured — from the oil, gas, or chemical industries to the energy or pharmaceutical sectors, and from the paper, food, or steel industries to maritime transport.

Our primary focus is on finding individual solutions for specific needs. Especially for processes with challenging conditions, such as large pipelines or billing measurements based on standards, our orifices plates for differential pressure measurements have proven their worth, contributing to the longevity of the facilities. We provide differential pressure devices with virtually no restrictions for temperatures or pressure.

Orifices plates for differential pressure measurements with robust and proven technology

Ensure compliance with process parameters and promote uninterrupted operation of your facilities with our products for differential pressure and flow measurement. Discover our wide range of differential pressure devices for various applications, from orifice plates for smaller and larger diameters to cone flow meters for short straight inlet runs and versatile pitot tubes

Choose from our orifices plates for differential pressure measurements the ideal product for your requirements. Or describe your specific application area, and we will provide the best solution.

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