We represent over 80 years of engineering expertise. Since day one, we have been a family-owned company in which knowledge and experience are passed on. Each and every day, our employees use their ideas and know-how to develop new solutions that prove invaluable in the daily routine. Our customers around the globe trust in this.


Our core competencies


Our customers make the highest of demands on the quality of our measuring instruments. Rightly so, because the precision of our products ensures their commercial success. This motivates us afresh each day, employees and management alike. This is how we profitably bring our decades of experience in the field of flow measurement technology to bear on a daily basis. Our technical expertise has been repeatedly attested to by external institutions. All of this enables us to approach each new challenge with confidence.


As a manufacturer of pressure bearing components, we can demonstrate various competencies in pressure equipment construction:

  • Certified manufacturer of pressure equipment in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC Module D incl. Annex (AD 2000/EN 13480/ASME) and Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Certified manufacturer and welding company pursuant to the AD 2000 Regulations (HP 0) / DIN EN ISO 3834
  • Certified manufacturer of devices in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC (TÜV 05 ATEX 2762 Q) and 2014/34/EU
  • Various EC type tests for our products (Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU)
  • Certified exporter for Russia (TR CU 032)

Standards committee

We are actively involved in the continued development of international industrial standards. As a member of the committee for the DIN EN ISO 5167 standard for differential pressure transmitters, we are involved, for instance, in the revision of the first six parts, “general principles, orifice plates, nozzles, venturi tubes, wedge meters, and cone meters”. We are also a member of the Piping and Boiler Plant (NARD) committee, in which we are involved in further developing the DIN EN 12953-9 standard. This is how we aim to elevate the standards in manufacturing our measuring instruments to the next level.


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Dosch from 1933 to today – Celebrating 90 years!

18 December 2023

This year marked an impressive anniversary for Dosch Messapparate: 90 years of outstanding performance, commitment and quality. This milestone would not have been possible without our employees and without the trust of our customers. Many thanks for this! Our thanks also go to the people who have led Dosch over the years. Let’s take a […]

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Dosch can do contract work, too!

30 January 2023

No matter whether welding or turning is involved. With our vast wealth of experience in metalworking, Dosch is ideally suited to diverse projects. As a specialist welding company and manufacturer of pressure equipment and components for processing plants, we are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834. This is why we also offer contract work […]

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Quality targets

Delivering top quality, each and every day. Our goal is nothing less than this. This is what our experienced team of engineers and skilled workers works towards in developing and producing our Dosch measuring instruments. We regard the “Made in Germany” quality commitment as an incentive to keep on evolving our capabilities and our measuring instruments. Various certificates such as ISO 9001:2015, for instance, attest to our continuous improvement process and underpin the high quality of our work.

Bespoke products

Our top priority is to manufacture and supply high-quality measuring instruments according to customers’ individual requirements. We pursue this goal uncompromisingly.

Together for increased precision

We not only want to meet our customers’ requirements, but to stand by and advise them. Because the precision of our measuring instruments arises through mutual dialogue. This is something our customers can trust in.

More efficient, day by day

Continuous improvement is our daily motivation. This is why we have introduced stringent processes at Dosch that enable us to constantly increase the quality of our measuring instruments and cut costs in the long term.

Further training rather than status quo

Our employees make a crucial contribution to the success of our company. They shoulder responsibility and ensure quality. It is therefore a matter of course for us to foster their skills accordingly.

For man and the environment

The safety of our employees and the protection of our environment are essential to us. We therefore comply with all applicable work safety and environmental protection rules and regulations.

Safe in any situation

All Dosch products are evaluated as regards their relevance with respect to the REACH Directive on the registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals. At present, none of our products fall under this Directive.

Audited on a regular basis

In order to ensure the quality of our work, we regularly conduct quality management audits in the context of ISO 9001:2015 and have ourselves inspected by the employers' liability insurance association.

Company history
Precision across four generations

The first generation

Dosch Messapparate GmbH was founded by Adolf Dosch in 1933 with purchases from Metrum Apparatebau. Towards the end of the war, the building was hit by incendiary bombs. Thanks to the efforts of the Dosch family and their employees, the fires were extinguished and part of the building was saved. The company was forced to surrender some of its machines as reparations. Nevertheless, production was maintained as well as possible.

The second generation

The second generation, in the form of Reinhold Dosch, officially joined the company after the war and subsequently took it over together with his wife, Edda. Dosch became the first port of call for West Berlin’s industry for pressure, temperature, and flow measuring instruments. The production of differential pressure devices began in 1979. This area grew to become the company’s most important mainstay.

The third generation

Martin and Barbara Dosch joined the company in 1988. The company was first certified in accordance with ISO 9000 in 1997. Mechanical control switches for flow, fill level, and pressure extended the product portfolio from 2003 onwards. The former Laaser company’s “EARL” brand name, which was renowned for these, lived on.

The fourth generation

2016 marked the start of the fourth generation’s work at the company in the form of Sven Dosch. After obtaining his degree, he first progressed through each department and is now the second managing director alongside his father.

Let us advise you individually!

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