Burst Test: The Big Bang!

Recently we had the chance again to perform a so-called burst test. For this test a pipe sample is closed at the ends, filled with water and then subjected to a very high pressure. Depending on the design of the pipe wall thickness the test may end with a big bang!

This time our test sample was a special kind of pipe. We tested the patented ip tubes of the company [bold]La Mont GmbH[/bold]. These pipes are used especially for heat exchangers. Due to the special surface structure they offer an increased heat transfer while achieving the same material stability as smooth-bore tubes.

This material stability was successfully proven by our burst test. At ca. 500 bar – as calculated beforehand – the tube gave in with a bang. The resulting crack was located between the welding seam and the structured surface area.

If you need a qualified business partner for your burst test: We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Dosch Team