Dosch promotes the introduction of AI in administrative systems – New impetus from the SME Future Day 2024

At Dosch Messapparate, artificial intelligence is at the heart of our innovation efforts. We are currently in the process of integrating AI into our first management systems. In view of this development, the visit to the SME Future Day 2024 in Berlin was an excellent opportunity that we did not want to miss. Our Managing Director Sven Dosch was there to gain in-depth insights and gather valuable ideas.

The Future Day impressively confirmed that SMEs are the dynamic center of the German economy. With 90 exhibitors presenting their innovative solutions and products and 50 ambassadors expressing their passion and commitment to SMEs, the event provided a unique platform for networking, exchange and inspiration. From digitalization and the energy transition to new work, mobility and connectivity, artificial energy and the future topic of hydrogen, many of the topics that move us today were discussed.

Dosch and the future of hydrogen technology

For Dosch, the exchange with these leading minds provided valuable insights and inspiration. In particular, the discussions about hydrogen as a key technology for a clean future resonated strongly with our company’s goals and products. Dosch is already well positioned in the development of measuring instruments that can also be used for hydrogen and sees the impetus from the event as confirmation and encouragement to continue on the path we have chosen.

Renowned speakers from politics and business

The day was opened by a warm welcome from former Senator Christoph Ahlhaus. The Chairman of the Federal Executive Board of the Mittelstand BVMN e. V. welcomed the approximately 5,000 participants and emphasized the importance of SMEs for innovation and sustainable growth in Germany. Illustrious speakers from politics, business and science shared their insights and visions for the future on seven stages, focusing on topics such as digitalization, the use of hydrogen and artificial intelligence as well as sustainable business models. The keynotes at the event read like a “who’s who” of German politics

  • Dr. Carsten Linnemann,.CDU Secretary General, emphasized the importance of the political framework conditions in order to promote innovation in the SME sector and strengthen Germany as a business location.
  • Christian Lindner, Federal Minister of Finance, called for an economic turnaround for greater competitiveness in his speech. He spoke out against additional national debt and emphasized the need to reduce bureaucracy, fair competitive conditions and a liberal regulatory policy. He also addressed the challenges in the labor market, energy policy and the tax framework. 
  • Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport, discussed the essential role of digitalization and transport for German SMEs and the economy in his keynote speech. He particularly highlighted the progress and challenges in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), digital infrastructure and transport policy. 
  • Hubertus Heil, Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, focused on the shortage of skilled workers in Germany and emphasized the importance of integrating refugees, new immigration laws and social solidarity to counteract this.
  • Josef Mitterhuber, CEO of Silver Atena GmbH, also spoke about the role of the industry in the electrification of mobility and the use of clean hydrogen as the fuel of the future. 

A special highlight of the event was the presentation of the SME Future Prize, which honors companies that are paving the way for a successful future with outstanding innovations, sustainable concepts and pioneering technologies.

Conclusion: Dosch is ready for the future

The SME Future Day 2024 not only provided a stage for current trends and technologies, but also an opportunity to celebrate and promote the performance and innovative strength of German SMEs. An event that impressively demonstrated how courage and drive can set the course for a successful and sustainable future.

The speakers’ contributions, combined with Dosch’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, clearly show that the future lies in combining advanced technologies with clear, sustainable corporate strategies. We are ready to take on the challenges of the future and play a leading role in shaping a sustainable industrial landscape through the use of hydrogen technology. In addition, the impetus from the Mittelstand 2024 Future Day confirmed that we are on the right track with the integration of artificial intelligence into our management systems and that we want to push ahead with our AI initiatives.