… (a working group of the ISO – standards committee in the area of flow measurement with dP flow devices) has met at the BSI-Group headquarter in London shortly before Christmas to discuss the inclusion of throat taped-nozzles in the ISO 5167-3 standard. This was initiated by a group of researchers from NMIJ (National Metrological Institute of Japan). Being a longtime member of the DIN – standards committee, Dosch had sent two of its engineers to support the working group. They have achieved a pretty good result, which will shortly be given to ballot, and once it has passed this state, is estimated to enter into force middle of 2020.

BSI secretary David Michael, Dosch’s engineer Annette Kurzweg, TUV SUD NEL expert Dr. Michael Reader-Harris, Dosch’s engineer Daniela Hebler and NMIJ experts Noriyuki Furuichi and Yoshiya Terao.