Seven companies, seven management styles: Dosch at the Regio-Talk in Berlin

On January 22, 2024, we took part in a new type of event for us. On this day, the Regio-Talk in Berlin was not about product presentations or service provision, but rather diverse company management teams discussed the questions “How do I manage a company successfully in the long term? And how important are corporate identity values?”

How do leaders act in order to be successful?

On a Monday evening at 6:30 pm, various participants gathered at the Goerzwerk, from CEOs to department heads and anyone with an interest in the topic. It started with a nice champagne reception in a relaxed atmosphere, followed by a welcome from the organizers, Goerzwerk operator Silvio Schobinger and moderator Prof. Dr. Frank Schaal, the Regional Incubator Berlin Southwest (RIK). This was followed by brief company presentations and a panel discussion. The following were represented on stage

    • Silvio Schobinger, Goerzwerk GmbH & Co.KG,
    • Nina Freund, Freund GmbH,
    • Steffen Otte, Domäne Dahlem,
    • Dr. Nicola Kleppmann, KT Elektronik GmbH,
    • Cornelis Hemmer, Stiftung Mensch und Umwelt,
    • Eric Ostach, Mercedes-Benz AG
  • and our Managing Director Sven Dosch.

These company managers from various sectors shared their views and experiences on the topic. The discussion was based, among other things, on current studies that emphasize innovation, customer orientation, efficiency, quality and flexibility as decisive factors for market success. The importance of corporate management and philosophy was also discussed. The corporate philosophy, as a central pillar of corporate identity, should define a clear self-image as well as values and standards that guide the actions of all employees in the company. The entrepreneurs present from the southwest of Berlin discussed their individual strategies, both for internal success and for a positive external image. The event provided a platform to exchange different views and experiences and to discuss what is decisive for the success of a company beyond the factors mentioned above.

Dosch as an employer

We currently employ around 45 people in our family business, which celebrated its 90th anniversary last year. If you would like to find out more about our history, you will find the relevant information here.

A successful event

Our conclusion: A refreshing event with an open exchange and exciting approaches. It was also a good opportunity to make new contacts.

Thank you very much for the invitation. We were very pleased to have been there.

*Image-Copyright: ESDES.Pictures/RIK