Securing market position with future-oriented products

Dosch is supplying Total’s refinery in central Germany with orifice plates for flow measurement

Total’s refinery in central Germany broke ground for its 150-million-euro “Proturn2020” project on May 26, 2019. The objective of this investment is to reduce internal production of heavy products in the light of declining demand in order to remain viable in the long term. At the same time, the production of methanol is to be stepped up in order to increase market shares for this input product, which is important to the chemicals industry.

With this investment, Total’s refinery in central Germany wanted to intensify its integration into the petrochemicals sector and therefore increase its competitiveness. Stepping up methanol production was enabled by increasing visbreaker plant production in combination with upgrading the POX/methanol plant. The work took until the end of 2021, whereby some was undertaken during a major refinery shutdown (turnaround) scheduled for 2020. A lot of the flow measurement equipment was designed with orifice plates from Dosch and transmitters from Yokogawa. Our order volume was approx. €200,000.00.