Water for the desert

Dosch is supporting the Great Man-Made River project in Libya

While drilling for oil back in the 1950s, enormous underground water reservoirs from the last Ice Age were discovered in the Sahara. Since 1984, gigantic irrigation systems irrigation systems have been employed in an attempt to use them to supply water – what is called the Great Man-Made River project is the world’s biggest drinking water pipeline project. The objective is to supply the Libyan population and farmers in coastal areas and the immediate vicinity of the water pipelines with water.

Laaser (EARL), which was taken over by Dosch in 2003, already supplied flow switches for the initial equipment. In 2018, these were replaced with new equipment from Dosch as part of a regular plant overhaul. Some of the new flow switches were manufactured by the same employees who were working at Laaser years ago.

The water supply in the desert state has improved dramatically since the water pipeline started operation. Today, our equipment is helping to supply water to the two major cities of Tripoli and Benghazi as well as the entire coastal region of Libya. Each day, the pipeline transports over 6 million m³ of drinking water to the target region.