Restriction orifice plates


To achieve a defined pressure reduction in the processes of your plants or blowout lines, restriction orifice plates are indispensable. A restriction orifice plate is suitable for all single-phase media, for their transport, processing, and forwarding.

Restriction orifice plates reduce pressure or limit flows in your facilities during regular operations, but also in case of emergencies. Therefore, they are primarily used in the oil and gas industry, the chemical sector, and power plants. However, restriction orifice plates also prove themselves in general plant construction. In specific cases, restriction orifice plates can also be used for throughput limitation.


Restriction orifice plates can be delivered as a simple insert disc with an attached handle shield for installation between pipeline flanges with different sealing surfaces, or as a weld-in variant. The bore is generally cylindrical. Stelliting or other hardening of the restriction bore is possible with certain materials to achieve a longer lifespan. For special applications, this can also be eccentrically arranged. Multi-hole plates and multi-stage restrictions are used when, for example, limits for sound pressure are required.

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