Happy Christmas!

Dream of old times, but do not stop. Carry on the good and grow on the mistakes.

In cooperation and for each other, we multiply values.

The Dosch team would like to thank you for the successful cooperation. With courage and confidence, we look to the future with you and together solve difficult tasks in 2020 as well.

We remain closed around the Christmas days, i.e. from 21.12.19 to 05.01.2020.
Mails that reach us during this time will be processed as soon as possible at the beginning of the new year.
Additionally we will celebrate our christmas party on the 10.12.2019 and thus won’t be available starting noon that day. Of course we will be at your service again the following day.

This year we decided to send no greeting cards and gifts. We support the following organizations with our donation:

Kindernothilfe e.V .;
Berliner Tafel e.V .;
Die Arche – Christian Children’s and Youth Office e.V .;
NFC Red-White Berlin 32 e.V.

We wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas, a reflective time and all the best for the coming year.

New blood for the ISO 5167 family

After the cone flowmeters, the wedge flowmeters are now officially included in the ISO 5167 family.

DIN EN ISO 5167-6, published this July, thus clearly regulates the calculation and design of these differential pressure devices, which are particularly suitable for slurries and other viscous media.
As the name suggests, the wedge flow meters are formed by a wedge inserted into the pipeline. The pressure taps are located 1D upstream and 1D downstream of the wedge. The taps of the wedge flow meters are often suitable for connecting diaphragm seals.

Dosch has many years of experience in the manufacturing of wedge-type flowmeters based on a factory standard. Now we can offer and manufacture these devices according to an officially recognized ISO standard.

For further information please see our brochure 98W. We are looking forward to your inquiries.

Brochure Wedge Meters

Our newest addition to our stock of machinery

Weatherproof and permanently legible marking plates are an essential part of every differential pressure device to be able to clearly identify the measuring locations even after years or decades. In recent years, the requirements for this marking have increased steadily. Be it a certain font size, a certain font or other markings or logos. Our old needle embossing machine slowly reached its limits.

So last year we decided to retire it and buy a new machine. After careful consideration, we decided on a laser engraving machine. Not only is it much faster, and to the delight of our workshop staff significantly quieter, it can also display a wide variety of character sets simply and precisely using an integrated CAD-based interface.
Russian EAC signs with their Cyrillic letters are no longer a problem. Kazakh?-no topic! Greek lettering of the Orifice plates? – Sure!
Our laser engraving machine has already proven its worth. We can respond quickly and flexibly to the wishes of our customers and are no longer dependent on external engraving service providers.

Another important development step for our company.


… (a working group of the ISO – standards committee in the area of flow measurement with dP flow devices) has met at the BSI-Group headquarter in London shortly before Christmas to discuss the inclusion of throat taped-nozzles in the ISO 5167-3 standard. This was initiated by a group of researchers from NMIJ (National Metrological Institute of Japan). Being a longtime member of the DIN – standards committee, Dosch had sent two of its engineers to support the working group. They have achieved a pretty good result, which will shortly be given to ballot, and once it has passed this state, is estimated to enter into force middle of 2020.

BSI secretary David Michael, Dosch’s engineer Annette Kurzweg, TUV SUD NEL expert Dr. Michael Reader-Harris, Dosch’s engineer Daniela Hebler and NMIJ experts Noriyuki Furuichi and Yoshiya Terao.

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