EARL flow monitor type 107


These pendulum devices are particularly suitable for long-term continuous operation of 30 years and more. They monitor the flow of liquids or gases in horizontal or vertical pipelines. They are also approved as safety-relevant components according to CAT IV of the DGRL.


A distinction is made between two versions:

Type 107 with weighted pendulum

The flow arriving in the direction of the arrow moves the pendulum with baffle plate and weight against gravity in the direction of flow. The permanent magnet located at the upper end of the pendulum actuates one or two monitor contacts attached to the outside of the system pipe. For pipes > DN 15 to DN 5000. Switching point fixed in the range of 0.1 – 0.35m/s.

Type 107hv with spring-loaded pendulum

Instead of the weight, a coil spring provides the restoring force. This allows higher switching points and, by changing the spring force, the adjustability of the switching point.

Further product information


  • Insensitive to contaminated media
  • Various (Ex) versions
  • Various high-temperature versions up to 300°C
  • Materials for aggressive media
  • Low pressure loss (type 107vS)

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