We are moving!

As previously mentioned Dosch is about to move.

Now that the last work at the new location is done, the first boxes are packed, the move is imminent. Unfortunately, such a company move is not as easy as moving into a new apartment. Accordingly, we will have to close both the production and the office for some time. In order to minimize possible effects for our customers we have combined the move with the Christmas closing time.

Our offices will be unavailable from 19.12.2020 until 03.01.2021 with some exceptions. However, we will try to answer urgent mail. The production is unfortunately closed for a little longer, from 19.12.2020 to 13.01.2021.
We are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Progress means change…

And we have changed quite a bit since our foundation as a manufacturer and supplier of measuring instruments in 1933 – from the formation of the differential pressure devices department in 1979, through the integration of the flow switches in 2003, to our last major reconstruction in 2007, to name just a few stations…

The requirements of our customers for the production of our differential pressure devices have increased significantly in recent years. And with it also the demands on ourselves.
To meet these demands, we have decided to rebuild 2 factory halls according to our current needs.
This means that in future production will be on one floor and the production flow will improve significantly. Not only our customers will benefit from this, but also we ourselves, as many internal processes will also become easier.
It remains exciting and of course we will keep you up to date!

Information about Covid19 at Dosch

In times of Covid19 there are many difficult circumstances to overcome.

At Dosch we attach great importance to the health of our employees. Therefore we follow the guidelines prescribed by law to reduce the spread of the corona virus as much as possible. At the same time, we also have an obligation towards our customers, which is why operations at Dosch will continue as usual.
To ensure both as much as possible, we have raised hygiene standards in all areas and some of our employees work from home. Unfortunately, despite all these measures, there may be delays in deliveries.

As usual at Dosch, we will continue to communicate these delays as soon as they occur to all affected customers and will do everything in our power to keep these delays as small as possible.

We hope for the understanding of our customers in these difficult times.

Conquering the third dimension…

Since more and more of our customers require 3D drawings along with the standard documentation, and since we expect to expedite some internal procedures through this as well, we have recently purchased a CAD program that is able to provide this feature. Two of our colleagues where trained for this task and we are pleased to offer you 3D drawings now as well as a part of our documentation.

Please feel free to contact us for an offer.

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