EARL Flow Switches

The EARL flow switches are used as control instruments to observe and control the flow of liquids and gases. Because of their rigid mechanical design they are perfectly suitable for permanent monitoring of pipe flow.

You will find an overview of our flow switch variety in the table below.

Type 107

EARL Flow Switch Type 107v

Control your flow with a pendulum.

Type 31d 32d

EARL Flow Switch Type 31d

Rigid variable area meter with a float.

Type 172 173

EARL Flow Switch Type 172

Air vane flow switch for gases.

Type 700 720

EARL Flow Switch Type 720RBW

Flow control via pressure plate.

Type 776 778

EARL Flow Switch Type 778a

Flow switch with an inlet nozzle.

Type 41vS

EARL Flow Switch Type 41vs

Rotameter for flows in small lines.

Overview of EARL Flow Switches

With our large variety of flow switches you will find a suitable product for every application:

Type 41vS 31d-32d 107 172-173 700-720 776-778
flow larger than 0,6 l/h X X
flow vel. < 0,3 m/s X X X X
flow vel. > 0,3 m/s X X X X X
pressure up to 1000 bar, temp. up to 500°C X X
dirty medium X X X X
DN > 250 mm X X X
for gases X X
corrosive media X X X X X
ATEX EEX de / ia X X X
certified X

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