Bourdon tube pressure gauge



We can offer you a range of pressure gauge designs:

Glycerine pressure gauge

absorb vibrations and prevent condensation in the housing.

Chemical pressure gauge

made of stainless steel 1.4571 are resistant to many aggressive substances and are mandatory in many food processing plants.

Chemistry glycerine pressure gauge

combine both of the above features.

Precision pressure gauge

for checking operating pressure gauges.

Safety pressure gauge

are prescribed for various applications. They protect the meter reader in case of bursting.

Capsule pressure gauge

only for small air and gas pressures. Never for liquids or condensable gases.

Diaphragm pressure gauge

are robust and largely vibration-proof, also with stainless steel diaphragm seals, food connections, open flange, flush diaphragm, etc.

Differential pressure gauge

mostly in overpressure-proof design.

Contact pressure gauge

for monitoring and signalling minimum and maximum pressures.

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