Inclined tube pressure gauge


The inclined tube-pressure gauges D5 and D580 are particularly used for measuring low and extremely low pressures, vacuums, and differential pressures between 0–0.25 mbar and 0–30 mbar. Compared to U-tubes, the display is far larger and only needs to be read on one leg. Type D580G (plate width 400 mm) offers greater reading accuracy because its scale division is almost twice as long as that of type D 580K (plate width 250 mm). The location of use or the intended purpose are crucial as regards selection.

Further product information

Pressure gauges

For air and gas pressures of all kinds, for ventilation and air conditioning systems, for blowers, and in laboratories, etc.

Draft gauges

For chimney drafts, for exhaust units, for vacuum measurements for extraction systems in laboratories and spray booths.

Differential pressure gauges

For air and gas flows in combination with our pitot tubes according to Prandtl.


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